Developed by Tony Riddle and Chet Robbins, NeutrOlene is the world's only organic odor neutralizer used successfully by funeral directors, the Allied Sciences, Medical Examiners, law enforcement, first responders and major disaster teams and in crematories, cemeteries and refrigerated morgue space.

NeutrOlene obliterates the odors of every stage of human decomposition, instantly and on contact. 

Since its market introduction in 2012, the entire family of NeutrOlene products has won accolades from professionals around the world -- the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, Mexico, the District of Columbia and across the U.S.  

In 2013, NeutrOlene was nominated for the prestigious National Funeral Directors Association Award for Innovation.

NeutrOlene has become the immediate "go-to" for morticians, MEs, Coroners and forensic investigators and crime scene ...and it continues to amaze funeral directors with its ability to neutralize -- rather than momentarily mask -- the odor of decomposition, noxious organic gases and other unpleasant odors. 


Tony R. Riddle

Co-Founder and President

Tony Riddle founded T-Ray Specialties in his Kansas City, Missouri, basement in 1989 and has continued to expand the corporation to become a preferred provider of cleaning and maintenance chemicals and industrial supplies for more than 600 loyal clients. Riddle's undisputed reputation for responsive resourcefulness is the foundation for this growth and success...and his dependability, insistence on the highest level of customer service, strong work ethic and his honesty and integrity is unmatched in today's marketplace.


O.C. (Chet) Robbins

Co-Founder and CEO

Robbins, a healthcare industry professional for more than two decades, is a licensed and board certified embalmer and funeral director in Texas. For 12 years, he served as Executive Director of the Texas Funeral Service Commission.. Robbins also has served as President of the International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Board, is a Commonwealth Institute of Funeral Service alumni and is on the Board of Texas Directors Association Disaster Response Team. Robbins retired as Lt. Col from the US Army.