EVERYDAY USERS: NeutrOlene is effective when sprayed directly on the source of the odor. It is completely clear and will not stain fabric. NeutrOlene can be used to mop floors leaving a fresh mint smell, and in laundry to remove foul odors from clothing.

FUNERAL / MEDICAL PROFESSIONALS: NeutrOlene neutralizes odors of excreta, urine, urine catheters, viscera, vomit, feces, colostomy bags, patient gowns, allied science gowns and uniforms, biohazard bags, body bags of all types, bedding and refrigeration units.

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Q: Is NeutrOlene used only by funeral directors and embalmers?
A: No. It is used by the entire death care community including medical examiners, first responders, justices of the peace, law enforcement, death investigators, at cemeteries and crematories, hospitals and nursing homes, willed body programs, allied science training schools in their cadaver anatomy laboratories and more.


Q: How long will odors stay neutralized?
A: NeutrOlene will keep all odors neutralized so odors will not return. If handling a strong odor, treat the area a few times.


Q: What makes NeutrOlene different from other odor control products?
NeutrOlene is an industrial strength odor neutralizer. Many other odor control products only mask or deodorize odors. Neutrolene neutralizes odors so that the odor is permanently gone. Neutrolene will also neutralize other odor control products.


Q: Does NeutrOlene work immediately?
A: Yes! After using NeutrOlene, you should immediately see results. Remember that NeutrOlene’s products are concentrated, and a little product will go a long way.


Q: Can I use NeutrOlene on all types of odors?
Yes. NeutrOlene will neutralize all organic odors. Examples include: decomposition, bodily fluids, smoke, and pet odors.


Q: What are my shipping options and how long does it take?
A: All NeutrOlene orders are shipped FedEx Ground unless otherwise noted.


Q: Do I need to dilute the product?
No. A little bit of the product goes a long way. If the product is diluted, the dilution will take away from the odor counteract-ant strength. 


Q: Is NeutrOlene harmful for people or pets?
A: No, NeutrOlene is an earth friendly product, therefore it is not harmful to people or pets.


Q: What is the difference between a deodorizer, masker and neutralizer?
A: Deodorizers and Maskers are only a short term fix for odor problems. They never truly eliminate odors. Odors typically return after using deodorizers or maskers. Neutralizers will neutralize and eliminate all odors on contact so that odors will not return.


Q: Is it safe to use on furniture or on clothing?
A: Yes. NeutrOlene is very concentrated and will not stain clothing. In fact, many people use NeutrOlene in their laundry. To make sure that NeutrOlene will not stain or spot certain fabrics, we ask that you test the product in an inconspicuous area for colorfastness.

NeutrOlene is a chemical product that neutralizes the smell of various stages of human decomposition and decaying organ and tissue residuals. Innovative and ground breaking, NeutrOlene fills a void in the death care industry and allied sciences industry.