NeutrOlene Spray

NeutrOlene Spray
NeutrOlene Spray

NeutrOlene Spray

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  • 6, 16oz Case

  • 6, 32oz. Case

  • 5 Gallon Jug

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* Neutralizes odors of excreta, urine, urine catheters, viscera, vomit, feces, colostomy bags, patient gowns, allied science gowns and uniforms, bio-hazard disposal bags, clothes hampers, sheets, bedding, body bags of all types,  and refrigeration units.
* Apply to Allied Science tables, sinks, countertops, gurneys, disposal drains, flooring and walls and other uses to be determined by the professionals.

Apply 6-10 sprays to the skin of the body, depending on the condition. Apply 3-6 sprays on the external genitalia. Once packed, apply 3 sprays in each nostril. Spray lightly on the outer clothing, as needed. (Note: Can be used in and on a fiberboard container by applying as needed.)

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