NEUTROLENE WINS!!!!! We used it today on a stinky decomp. I wore NO MASK, only a face shield to get the full bouquet of decomp smell...and to none with the use of NEUTROLENE. Seriously.
— Teresa Cabrera, Solano County Sheriff, Coroner Bureau
We have been using NEUTROLENE in the preparation room and all of our embalmers really like this product. Its long-lasting pleasant smell makes the work environment comfortable during and after the embalming process. We also use it in the restrooms, as it is very effective on odors in those areas also. Best odor neutralizer i’ve used in all my 20 years in the funeral service.
— Marcus W. Hebert, Martin & Castille Funeral Home, Lafayette, LA
NEUTROLENE is an amazing product! I am the owner of a dog kennel and it has gotten rid of all odors that I have tried it on. I especially like to use it for cleaning out our indoor dog runs. We pour some in our mop buckets with water, mop & then rinse with water. It leaves a pleasant smell throughout the building...I will continue to always use this product.
— Kenny, Kansas City, MO