10 Post-Party Clean Up Tips

If you celebrated Labor Day a little too hard this weekend, NeutrOlene is the solution to cleaning up any foul and negative odors left behind once the party is over.

Here are a few tips to removing odors quickly and effectively in every part of your restaurant.

  1. Spray Odor Neutralizer on fabricated patio furniture to remove lingering odors from storage use.
  2. Sprinkle Granules in and around flower beds to remove unwanted odors.
  3. Sprinkle Odor Neutralizer on outdoor rugs to remove odors from set in stains.
  4. Spray NeutrOlene Spray in storage units or sheds or coolers to neutralize odors in a larger area.
  5. Pour Drain Treatment into a sink drain to remove leftover food odors.
  6. Spray Odor Neutralizer in floorboards or car seat fabric to remove odors from your vehicle. 
  7. Remove any pet stains and odors on fabricated patio furniture with Odor Neutralizer.
  8. Sprinkle Granules in outdoor trash bins to neutralize and eliminate unwanted waste odors. 
  9. Spray Odor Neutralizer over indoor furniture to remove odors from set in stains and other affected areas. 
  10. Spray Odor Neutralizer on counter and table tops to remove any left behind odors from customers.