How important is your sense of smell? | April Newsletter

Introducing Our New Look: Last month, NeutrOlene, LLC, proudly launched our new look -- and we invite you to experience the change by visiting The new website represents months of planning and the input of our loyal customers. The result is a site that's easier to navigate and online product orders are a snap. Visit us soon and see why the entire NeutrOlene team is beaming with pride.

Funeral Flowers: A Historic Remedy. In studying burial sites from approximately 60,000 B.C.E., archeologists have found pollen and flower fragments next to the bodies. Researchers believe flowers could have been early man's attempt to mask the odor of the burial cave. If they had NeutrOlene, odor would have been a problem!

Prior to the common use of embalming, flowers were a way to mask the inevitable odors of death. The ancient Talmud makes reference to using flowers and spices in this manner. It was often necessary, due to unpleasant odors, for the undertaker to close the casket and surround it with flowers before proceeding. They should have had NeutrOlene!

Word of the Month: Bromhidrosis (pronounced bro-me-dro-sis) is another way of saying "body odor." Not necessarily caused by lack of bathing, bromhidrosis is the smell of bacteria growing on the human body. These bacteria multiply rapidly when the body sweats (although sweat, itself is almost odorless). Body odor is generally associated with hair, feet, skin, armpit and groin areas. NeutrOlene Soap is an easy remedy.

What's That Mysterious Smell: If you've noticed an offensive odor in a certain part of your place of business, it may be coming from a dead animal in your walls, attic or the basement. Animals -- raccoons, rats, mice, squirrels or even cats, prefer shelter to the outdoors in winter, and when they die under your roof, you don't know until you smell the dead remains. 

If it's not a dead animal causing the odor in your house, other sources of awful odors are food, drippings in the refrigerator or air conditioning pan or really bad mold growth. But 99 percent of the time, it's a dead animal...and time for NeutrOlene. 

The 'Fragrance' of Fido: “There are many compounds which, by themselves, do not have odors associated with “dog smell.” However, in combination, these compounds produce the typical “dog smell” many people find unpleasant. There is a complex pattern of changes in the volatile compounds associated with wetting of brushed dog hair. This pattern appears to manifest as “wet dog” odor. While some amount of change in odor would be expected when water is added to the hair, the variety of differences indicates a probable chemical or biochemical reaction on the hair. Wet dog and other pet-related odors can be remedied by our sister company -- Odor Universe's Pet Bundle. Go to

NeutrOlene, LLC, Welcomes a New Sibling: Combining their expertise in disaster response, including the removal of the first Texas Ebola patient in 2014, funeral directors David Patterson and Chet Robbins have joined forces with NeutrOlene co-founder Tony Riddle to develop the HCID Containment Kit, a safe and effective solution for containing infected human remains, no matter their condition. These kits meet the BioSafety Level 4, Occupational Safety & Health Act (OSHA), World Health Organization (WHO), and Centers for Disease Control (CDC) expectations. Recommended for all funeral homes, hospitals and first responders to natural and man-made disasters, including pandemics. For more information, go to

How important is your sense of smell? Problems with our chemical senses may be a sign of other serious health conditions. A smell disorder, as an example, can be an early sign of Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, or multiple sclerosis. It also can be related to other medical conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and malnutrition. Getting an early diagnosis will help the patient better deal with the underlying condition or disease.