What is Nosing? | April Newsletter

Last month's March Madness brought us the "Sweet 16," but the Team at NeutrOlene has a "Sweet 16" of their own -- the 16-oz. bottle of NeutrOlene spray -- the perfect size to keep in the console of your personal vehicle, in the break room when somebody burns the popcorn...again! Or, conveniently kept in your firm's prep room and restroom, which often needs refreshing every few hours during visitations and funerals. 

What the heck is "Nosing?" As I learned recently, a glass of wine - believe it or not -- has a "nose" and it's very important to the taste of the wine, or any wine for that matter. My friend at winefrog.com said "nose" is a wine tasting term that describes how wine smells in the glass. My friend also said different wine grapes produce different aromas and the "nose" is affected by how the wine is made and stored. "Nosing" or smelling a wine is important because most of our perception of taste comes through our sense of smell. 


Scent make you gamble: Supposedly a true story, besidesbesides being true, the story is most likely strange, weird, surprising, or funny. In September 1992, the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation reported developing an odor that makes gamblers bet more. In a study in Las Vegas, slot machines outfitted to emit the odor racked up 45 percent more business. The neurologist who conducted the study predicted that the scent will become widely used in Las Vegas. source: http://www.jokebuddha.com/Odor#ixzz4cGvLK2mL

Don't you love your nose? Rhinoplasty (pronounced just like it looks) -- also called "nose job" -- is one of the five most popular plastic surgery procedures performed in the United States today, with 200,000 procedures or more performed every year.

For those unhappy with the size and shape of their nose, rhinoplasty, offers a safe, effective cosmetic solution.  Rhinoplasty also can correct structural defects, including crooked or broken noses and deviated septums, which cause breathing problems. 

The American College of Plastic Surgeons estimates the cost of a rhinoplasty in 2015 at about $4,771. A rhinoplasty in India -- about $1,700 + travel. A rhinoplasty in Mexico will run about $3,500 + travel.


Waaaiiittt just a minute! Before you put away those winter parkas, boots, gloves and caps, give them a spray of NeutrOlene. Environmentally friendly and non-toxic to humans and animals, NeutrOlene doesn't just mask odors. Like its name indicates, it actually neutralizes odors -- from decomp to musty smells left from winter wetness and human sweat. Try it. You'll be happy you did! 

Sounds fishy: The sense of smell is important to most fish and many do this through little holes that look like nostrils and are called nares. Nares open into a chamber lined with sensory pads. Smells are usually detected by moving water across these pads, using tiny hairs called cilia, but not all fish move water through the nares the same. Some, for example, pump water by muscular movement while others -- like smaller mackerel -- must swim to activate their sense of smell. When fish sense chemical signals, like food, they will pursue the food. If they sense danger, they will swim in the opposite direction. Salmon, which have a superb sense of smell, use this sense to find the stream where they were born so they can return there to spawn.


If you haven't ordered the new Mini NeutrOHang, now's the time. These 3-inch or 6-inch hangs have the same potency as our original NeutrOlene Hangs, but for shorter periods, efficient and cost effective for smaller spaces -- like cars, ship-out cartons and body bags. They're also exactly what your firm needs for small refrigeration units, storage areas, restrooms, community rooms, prep rooms and, in warmer weather, use them in outdoor seating and meditation areas. (I even put a Mini NeutrOHang in my laundry room and also in sneakers, periodically, just to neutralize the odors that accumulate.

NeutrOlene Tip of the Month: As a reformed smoker, the smell of burning tobacco is a real turn-off. So, over spring break, when given a room directly over the hotel's "smoking permitted" club, by midnight, I was overcome with the rancid smell of cigarette smoke, not to mention the reverberations of the bass and drums two floors below. Fortunately, I had a sample bottle of NeutrOlene with me, so I gave my room -- and the bedding -- a good treatment. Then, returning to bed, I covered my head and could no longer smell the smoke odors.  (PS: I also always carry ear plugs with me when I travel. Now I'm adding NeutrOlene to my travel kit.)

Wanna see a guy who needs NeutrOlene? Go to https://www.facebook.com/southerncalls to see a photo from a 1903 ad for Bisga Embalming Fluid. The fellow, embalmed in a seated position, is the work of Carl Barnes, a pioneer in embalming and in founding several mortuary schools, including Barnes School of Anatomy (circa 1902) in Dallas, Texas. This photograph, taken three months after the initial embalming, was featured in an ad for embalming fluid manufactured by Barnes' family business at the time.  

Famous last words: If your feet smell and your nose runs, you're built upside down.
source: http://www.jokebuddha.com/Nose#ixzz4cGySHWGM