Do rats have an odor? | October Newsletter

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Do rats have an odor?  Have you ever said, or heard, the phrase, "Hey, I smell a rat!" when something has gone awry. So do rats have a distinctive smell? Only dead ones, as it turns out. 

For centuries, however, it has been popular to use the word, smell -- usually in the figurative sense -- to define someone who perceives something to be not quite right in certain situations. Shakespeare wrote in the play, King Lear, "Do you smell a fault?" That was in 1603-1608.

Robert Hendrickson, author of Facts on File Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origin, doesn't know the exact origins of the phrase but theorizes it might have involved a cat having the ability to smell a nearby rat before actually seeing it. The idea may be that after picking up the scent of the unseen rat, the cat is unable to confirm it's feeling that something isn't quite right.

Another "smelly" idiom. Spoken by Marcellus in the Shakespearian tragedy, "Hamlet," this idiom -- "Something's rotten in the state of Denmark" -- refers to a suspicion about something being done or not done that makes no sense. 

The original quote displays an analogy that "the fish" is rotten from the head down, meaning all is not well at the top of the political hierarchy. Modern usage: Something's rotten in Denmark. 

If NeutrOlene products had been available in Shakespeare's day, these two popular phrases would have never happened!

Smelling feet? Yes, Really! Given the way human feet usually smell, being able to sense the world through them doesn't sound too appealing. But imagine if you spent each day strolling across flowers and ripened fruit.

Flies have chemosensory hairs both on their labellum (think lips for insects) and their tarsi (the equivalent of feet). So when one lands on your sandwich, it's not simply taking a rest, but is actively sampling your lunch. If the fly feet like what they taste, then out come the mouthparts! 

Butterflies can also taste the world through their feet, but do so for a different reason. Females lay their eggs on the undersides of plants so caterpillars have something to eat when they hatch. Mom uses the foot taste test to avoid poisonous plants—a choice making the difference between dinner and death. Bon appetite!

I smell a vape! Users want to know, "Does vaping smell?" The answer is "yes," but in a way more subtle and discreet when compared with smoking tobacco or cannabis -- both dry herbs. Here’s a statistic from 

"Smoke is about three times as odorous as vapor, and anyone    who enters your room up to about 180 minutes since you last smoked might still know you’d been doing. In contrast, vapors linger for just about five to 10 minutes, depending on how well-ventilated your room or bathroom is." 

But why take a chance on divulging your secret pleasure to the world? Three sprays of NeutrOlene Deodorizer and your secret is safe with us.

One more thing about vaping, vaporizers and vapors. The main rule for testing whether how long vaporized materials stay inside your vaping area is the vaping temperature you choose while taking those hits. For example, setting your vaporizer’s maximum capacity to, say, 230 degrees Celsius would create denser clouds and of course, might result in stronger odors than choosing a lower vaping temp of 180 degrees Celsius. 

Also, in an open space, vapor dissipates so quickly when you vape from about 5 feet or more from anyone, he/she could hardly smell your botanicals. Also, frequent vapers are less likely to notice the smell immediately as compared with those who vape less frequently or those who do not vape at all. It’s because the more you do your sessions, the less sensitive to and more tolerant you are of the substances that come out of your weed.

Hint: Regular vapers (people who vape) carry a small, four-ounce bottle of NeutrOlene spray in their backpacks, purses or back seat. This product is also good for neutralizing and cleaning poop or urine accidents and vomit odors. A larger area? Think about installing our popular NeutrO-Hang.