"NeutrOlene leaves all our rolling stock clean..."

TESTIMONIAL – The garage space we use for rolling stock is in a building that's more than 100 years old. No telling what's lived there in the past or if we have any new tenants.

The other day, I backed out our newest family car, all the time noticing a very definite urine smell. It was coming from the back seat. Before taking another vehicle to pick up a family, I found out a small child had an accident in the car the day before.

I asked one of our assistants to clean the upholstery and the rugs. However, neither the upholstery cleaner nor the rug shampoo alone got rid of the smell even though they did clean the stains. One of the assistants then suggested spraying with NeutrOlene and then put a small plastic box filled with NeutrOGran under the front seat before closing all the windows and parking the vehicle in the garage.

The next morning, I got back in the same car to pick up the family...and the urine odor was gone.

Now, any time we use a cleaner, for carpets, upholstery and floors, we pour a cup of NeutrOlene into the mop water, or combine it when we use foam cleaner for upholstery and carpets. Not only do we get rid of the stain but also the smell. NeutrOlene leaves all our rolling stock clean and smelling great for it's next use.

                                                                                          -- Adrian F. Funeral Director/Embalmer.