Introducing the Mini-Hang! | February Newsletter

We at NeutrOlene are excited about welcoming our two new "babies" into our family of products. The Mini-Hang will be available the first quarter of 2017 and will be just as effective as the original size -- just smaller, and perfect to insert in body bags, to use in vehicles of all types, smaller refrigeration units and spaces where odors collect throughout the funeral home. Shoot us an email or give us a call if you are interested in purchasing the Mini-Hang.

THE LOOK OF LOVE ALSO COMES WITH A SMELL: Some call it “love at first sniff.” In humans, like most animals, scent plays a bigger role in romance than you might think. Take the Coquerel’s sifaka, a type of lemur. New research in the journal, Animal Behavior, shows two sifakas start mimicking the other's scent-making behavior early on in courtship. Sifaka couples who have children also have a different odor than sifakas that are childless. Researchers enlisted couples collected sweat from one of the couple members to capture their body odor while they were in a neutral mood, or in a variety of heightened states – fear, happiness or arousal. Then they gave the sweat samples to another person – either a stranger to the first subject, or a romantic partner. Though participants couldn’t distinguish between specific emotions conveyed through sweat, they could distinguish between neutral and moody odors – and the romantic partners could do it better than strangers, with those in the longest-term relationships performing the best.

TIPS FOR FUNERAL HOMES: To insure freshness, appoint an odor patrol to routinely spray NeutrOlene into clean trash cans in the office. Periodic spraying of public areas and restrooms (toilet bowls, too) will also assure the neutralization of unpleasant odors...and care should also be taken to spray waste cans in the break room, preventing odor build-up from food waste.




  • The sense of smell is the oldest sense.
  • Some of the most pleasant scents to humans include vanilla, cinnamon, crayons and cookies.
  • The human nose can detect at least one trillion distinct scents.
  • Scent cells are renewed every 30 to 60 days (the sense of smell is the only cranial nerve that regenerates).
  • You can smell fear and disgust (these feelings gain odor through sweat).
  • Women have a better sense of smell than men. (women's brains have a better developed orbital prefrontal region).
  • Age-related loss of smell is linked to race (African-Americans and Hispanics experience loss of smelling related to age earlier than Caucasians).
  • Dogs have nearly 44 times more scent cells than humans. (Dogs can distinguish non-identical twins based on their odors but not identical twins)
  • Like fingerprints, humans each have their distinct and unique odor (comes from genes).

KEEPING THE NURSERY FRESH JUST GOT EASIER WITH NEUTROLENE: No matter how cute, how sweet your little one is, there's nothing sweet about a dirty diaper...or soiled bedding...or a toddler's bed, freshly "painted" with whatever's handy. Today's new generation of moms are finding that keeping a bottle of NeutrOlene handy keeps the nose happy and everything smelling fresh. For a wet or dirty diaper, a couple of sprays of NeutrOlene before disposing it into a Diaper Genie or other container. Then, a couple of quick sprays around the changing table will neutralize any residual odors from the diaper, spit-up or other disagreeable odors...and, don't forget, NeutrOlene is environmentally safe -- and that includes humans and animals.

A SIMPLE TIP FOR THE NURSERY, BATHROOM OR SICKROOM:  If you have a moist baby wipe handy, spray it liberally with NeutrOlene and hang it over the side of a waste basket.  As it dries, the minty freshness of NeutrOlene is released in the room. Better yet, buy a supply of Mini-NeutrOlene Hangs and keep them in either or all of these rooms to neutralize odors continuously.



FOR THE SICKROOM: If the patient requires a disposable bed protector, don't just chuck it in the waste basket. Instead, before removing it, spray all wet areas with NeutrOlene. Then remove it and replace it with a new one. If adult diapers are involved, before disposing, spray with NeutrOlene to prevent lingering odors. If possible, line your disposal containers with large garbage bags to keep the used materials segregated from daily household garbage and dispose of these bags at least daily.

 SOMETHING ROTTEN IN SAN FRANCISCO? The San Francisco Fire Department crews responded to more than 50 calls Wednesday, December 28th from San Francisco residents complaining of the smell of rotten eggs or sulfur. One caller said his neighborhood "smelled like poop" — and while the odor eventually dissipated, the cause and origin of the foul scent remained a mystery. Pacific Gas and Electric Co. and the San Francisco Fire Department said majority of the calls came from neighborhoods around the bay coastline, with other reports coming from South of Market, the Outer Richmond and Sunset neighborhoods. PG&E crews investigated 54 reports, but found no leaks or gas readings. No customers reported losing gas service. However, at this writing -- almost 10 days after the release of an odor that overcame San Francisco -- investigators still had no answers, but they were checking waste treatment plants as well as the Contra Costa Compost Plant and the Chevron refinery down the coast that reported two accidental discharges at about the same time the odor overtook San Francisco.