Get the Hang with NeutrOhang.

Every February is American Heart Month, reminding us all to be good to our hearts. Heart disease is the leading cause of death for men and women in the United States.

Every year, 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease. The good news? Heart disease can often be prevented when people make healthy choices and manage lifestyles.

The NeutrOlene family encourages you to make a difference in your community: Spread the word about how to prevent heart disease and encourage your neighbors to live heart healthy lives.       

NeutrOlene is a family-owned and operated company, formulating products for the death care and allied science communities. Our products neutralize any organic odor. This newsletter tells you new how to rid your business environment of any and all offensive odors. 

Get the Hang -- The NeutrO-Hang!
If you have refrigeration in your mortuary or crematory, a large mausoleum or preparation room, you need NeutrO-Hang, the powerful and effective odor neutralizer that uses natural ingredients to counteract odors.

NeutrO-Hang comes packaged two to a container, two containers per case. NeutrO-Hang's unique cloth mesh bag provides even distribution for 30-45 days over a 600 square-foot area.

The 360-Degree Treatment
NeutrOlene is at its best when sprayed directly on the organic source of the odor. In a refrigeration unit, a rather large body was partially decomposed in a body bag. Spraying the anterior and then the posterior of the body immediately neutralized the breath-taking odor coming from the bag.
Fast Facts
Ever whiffed a smell that made you remember a long ago experience ? What about smelling a cologne that reminded you of a former  love? The connection between the olfactory bulb, located on the bottom of your brain, and your memory is a close one. The bulb is directly linked to the amygdala and the hippocampus, the emotion and memory parts of the brain.
The sense of smell persists in the brain longer than visual images or sounds, and, therefore, leaves a deeper impression. That's why you can think about a past experience and remember an odor that made you sick.
Not Your Favorite Bakery
The" cake room" in a waste water treatment plant is where solid human waste is pressed to remove any remaining water. This area is constantly damp and misty from all the moisture being pressed out of the waste, so workers basically walking through a poo-mist. It's a smell that doesn't come off, and it is common for folks to run out of the room to vomit.
The Nose Knows
Who knew? A scent or an odor can cause/trigger stress. Why? Because our brain works more when we're awake than when we're asleep. It works even harder when there's an odor around when we sleep...and the brain can't rest well due to a smell we didn't notice before we closed our eyes.

Our brains continually monitor smells, even when we're sleeping, so when you awaken in the morning and feel tired, it's probably because there was a heavy odor in your room.  This continued "odor-fatigue" emerges as stress.
To avoid this type of stress, it's important to clean floors, walls, plastic materials and window glasses regularly. Don't forget to check your ventilation, encourage fresh air and to regularly use NeutrOlene in routine cleaning and in problem areas -- even your laundry. This will reduce your stress -- and everyone else's dramatically!
Behold the Corpse Flower
Undoubtedly the world's stinkiest plant as well as one of the largest and rarest, the corpse flower blooms only for a short time. It takes 10 years for the plant to grow large enough to support the massive bloom and another twoto three years for it to bloom again. While in bloom, it sends out a strong odor similar to a decaying corpse.
The plant's strong odor, color and temperature are meant to attract dung beetles, flesh flies and other carnivorous insects, the flower's primary pollinators..and these insects typically eat dead flesh. The smell and the dark burgundy color of the corpse flower are meant to imitate a dead animal to attract these insects.

NeutrOlene is a family of all-purpose chemical neutralizers that permanently removes any organic odors found in funeral homes, cemetery and crematories.

NeutrOlene does not mask or deoderize. Instead, it neutralizes the lingering odors of First Call removals, transport vehicles, body bags, bio-hazard bags, refrigeration units, prep rooms and myriad other uses.