The Nose Knows More than You Know.

Is There a Smelly Gym Bag, Stinky Sneakers or Reeking Gym Locker In Your Life?

The 360-Degree Treatment

Sometimes it takes nerves of steel and holding your  breath to empty a gym bag. Workout clothes and sneaker s -- after living in your car, going to work out or ball practice -- then stuffed (still sweaty) into your gym bag and perhaps forgotten, gets overwhelming.

Then there's gym bag odor build-up, which gets so strong, it permeates your locker, car or trunk. NeutrOlene can solve all these problems. Spray your locker once or twice a week, spray the gym bag while you're washing your workout gear, add an ounce of NeutrOlene to your wash water and spray the inside of your sports shoes. Some athletes keep a  bottle of NeutrOlene in the car, just in case.

The 360-Degree Treatment
NeutrOlene is at its best when sprayed directly on the organic source of the odor. In a refrigeration unit, a rather large body was partially decomposed in a body bag. Spraying the anterior and then the posterior of the body immediately neutralized the breath-taking odor coming from the bag.
Fast Facts
Ever whiffed a smell that made you remember a long ago experience? What about smelling a cologne that reminded you of a former love? The connection between the olfactory bulb, located on the bottom of your brain, and your memory is a close one. The bulb is directly linked to the amygdala and the hippocampus, the emotion and memory parts of the brain.
The sense of smell persists in the brain longer than visual images or sounds, and, therefore, leaves a deeper impression. That's why you can think about a past experience and remember an odor that made you sick.
Not Your Favorite Bakery
The" cake room" in a waste water treatment plant is where solid human waste is pressed to remove any remaining water. This area is constantly damp and misty from all the moisture being pressed out of the waste, so workers basically walking through a poo-mist. It's a smell that doesn't come off, and it is common for folks to run out of the room to vomit.
The Nose Knows
Who knew? A scent or an odor can cause/trigger stress. Why? Because our brain works more when we're awake than when we're asleep. It works even harder when there's an odor around when we sleep...and the brain can't rest well due to a smell we didn't notice before we closed our eyes.

Our brains continually monitor smells, even when we're sleeping, so when you awaken in the morning and feel tired, it's probably because there was a heavy odor in your room.  This continued "odor-fatigue" emerges as stress.

To avoid this type of stress, it's important to clean floors, walls, plastic materials and window glasses regularly. Don't forget to check your ventilation, encourage fresh air and to regularly use NeutrOlene in routine cleaning and in problem areas -- even your laundry. This will reduce your stress -- and everyone else's dramatically!