HOW TO: Use NeutrOlene in the Cemetery

1. Use NeutrOlene FM spray and wipe dry around the cemetery office, on counter tops, restrooms, trash cans, kitchen area and staff/employees’ refrigerator. Use also in the refrigerator freezer to rid odor of frozen food. Use while cleaning and after defrosting refrigerator freezer by spraying NeutrOlene to rid all organic/food odors inside the refrigerator and freezer area.

2. Use NeutrOlene FM to clean carpets with rug shampooers and hard flooring of all types. For floor cleaning, mix in mop water with liberal quantities of NeutrOlene.

3. Use in mausoleums and crypts especially if there are any odors or leakage. Use NeutrOlene granules to absorb any body fluids. (*Note: Keep in mind one must get to the source of the odor to neutralize it.)

4. Clean the outside of the crypt/mausoleum end panels with NeutrOlene spray and then wipe clean as well as mopping the floor where body fluid or any organic odor is discovered.

5. Spray NeutrOlene in the casket during an exhumation to rid and neutralize any foul odor. Use NeutrOlene granules and spray under the bedding during transport while in the same cemetery or to another location for reburial.

6. Spray NeutrOlene to rid organic odor of flowers and plants of all kinds in the floral shop or floral receiving area. NeutrOlene also is excellent to use in the flower refrigeration unit.

7. Use NeutrOlene FM in designated cemetery smoking areas inside and out as applicable.