NeutrOlene for Pet Cremation? Who knew! | July Newsletter

WE ALL DON'T "SMELL" ALIKE: During a study in Great Britain, adults were asked to rate a battery of common odors. Later, a similar study was conducted in the United States. Included in both was the smell of wintergreen, which was given one of the lowest pleasantness ratings in the British study. In the US study, in contrast, it received the highest pleasantness rating. 

History explains this difference. In Britain, the smell of wintergreen is associated with medicine and, particularly with analgesics popular during WWII (a time that these individuals would not remember fondly). Conversely, in the US, the smell of wintergreen is exclusively a candy mint smell and one that has very positive vibes. 

In a recent study by the US military to create a "stink bomb," it was impossible to find an odor (including US army issue latrine scent) that was unanimously considered unpleasant across various ethnic groups. So it isn't just neutral or moderate odors that vary by culture. What we think stinks does too.

CUSTOMERS TELL US: We have been using NEUTROLENE in the preparation room and all of our embalmers really like this product. Its long-lasting pleasant smell makes the work environment comfortable during and after the embalming process. We also use it in the restrooms, as it is very effective on odors in those areas also. Best odor neutralizer I’ve used in all my 20 years in the funeral service.”

— Marcus W. Hebert, Martin & Castille Funeral Home, Lafayette, Louisiana

PET SERVICES USE NEUTROLENE: Firms that offer pet hospice, pet cremation or natural burial use NeutrOlene in every phase of their services...from removal vehicles to basic preparation for viewing, the funeral service and the burial. Spraying the corpse with NeutrOlene neutralizes any disease or early decomposition odors. If a casket is used, the interior can be sprayed before the animal is casketed. For natural burial, the body can be sprayed before it's enshrouded.

HOW NEUTROLENE CAN CHANGE THE EMBALMER'S PRODUCTIVITY:  Odors -- pleasant or unpleasant -- influence mood, work performance, and many other forms of behavior via their learned emotional associations. According to Scientific American, mood and productivity are enhanced in the presence of pleasant ambient odors. For example, people exposed to the smells of baking cookies or roasting coffee were more inclined to help a stranger than people not exposed to an odor manipulation. 

People who worked in the presence of a pleasant smelling odor neutralizer -- like NeutrOlene -- also reported higher self-efficacy, set higher goals and were more likely to employ efficient work strategies than participants who worked in a no-odor condition. Pleasant ambient odors have also been found to enhance vigilance during a tedious task and improve performance on anagram and word completion tests. Conversely, the presence of an unpleasant lowered people's tolerance for frustration. Participants in these studies also reported concordant mood changes. Thus, the observed behavioral responses are due to the effect that the ambient odors has on peoples mood.

Since 2012, NeutrOlene has been in funeral homes in over 40 states, including Canada, Mexico, Australia and the United Kingdom. NeutrOlene was nominated for the National Funeral Directors Association's 2013 Innovative Award, and continues to amaze funeral directors daily with the ability to neutralize -- not mask or deodorize -- the smell of decomposition.

NeutrOlene can also be used in First Call removal vehicles, commercial transport services, embalming preparation rooms, refrigeration units, locker rooms, laundry, and a variety of other uses. For more information, or to order, go to