The ultimate problem solver | May Newsletter

Decomp Crisis Averted: Rotting human flesh has an unforgettable odor that permeates the air and everything around. Because NeutrOlene has been proven effective in neutralizing and ridding these odors from mortuaries, forensics labs, morgues, medical and mortuary school cadaver labs, disaster teams and Medical Examiner's offices, the NeutrOlene family of products is being used in most states, Mexico, Canada and in several European countries. This difficult-to-control odor is now under control, thanks to NeutrOlene. 

NeutrOsoap at New Sale Price: Central embalming centers and embalmers across the country are replacing other embalming soaps with NeutrOsoap. They're telling us this versatile product is the best they've ever used, not only for post-preparation clean-up but also for complex cases where strong odors are a component. Especially handy for an early morning preparation followed by a day of arrangement conferences. Call to order: 816-589-8729  

Nose Decor: Notice the growing number of nose piercings? The nose is the second most common site of piercing after earlobe piercings among teens and young adults. Dating back to Australian aboriginal people who came, originally, from European and Asian populations between 65,000 and 75,000 years ago. Nose piercing was first seen in the US when French actress Polaire arrived for her 1913 tour wearing a seed-pearl ring in her left nostril. In the past 20-30 years, due to the immigration of large numbers from India, Pakistan and Australia, where nose piercing is traditional (except among Muslims, where the piercing is taboo), nose piercing has gained mainstream popularity in Western culture.

For Beethoven's Sake! Don't Burn the Popcorn!  At a classical concert of Beethoven at Eastman School of Music recently, the performance was interrupted by fire alarms. However, within seconds, the music continued. The alarms stopped but soon the audience was engulfed with the stink of burned popcorn. The musicians were aware of this regular cooking faux pas, so they played on. Eastman School of Music should get NeutrOlene before the next concert! 


Killer Smells: Inhaling common household and industrial chemicals (with the exception of NeutrOlene) are capable of producing inflammation in the lungs, a condition called "chronic chemical pneumonia." The most dangerous are chlorine gas (during use of cleaning materials such as chlorine bleach, in industrial accidents, or near swimming pools), grain and fertilizer dust, fumes from pesticides and smoke (from house fires and wildfires). Inhalation of these gases causes stiffness of the lungs, which cripples the lungs' ability to get oxygen to the body. Not recognizing or treating this condition may lead to respiratory failure and death.

NeutrOlene Wins Again: The vehicle transporting the body of America's first Ebola case reeked of Clorox (Chlorine Bleach) when the vehicle arrived at its home garage. It would be needed the next day, but the smell was unbearable. Wearing PPE, the owner fairly soaked the vehicle's interior with NeutrOlene spray. "Without NeutrOlene, I would have probably had to replace that First Call vehicle with another one," the owner admitted. "It was toxic!"

First Responder Vehicle

Happy Endings: While making a removal at a local nursing home, a funeral director noticed the strong smell of urine as soon as he walked into the otherwise stately building. "A nurse accompanied me while I made the removal, so after loading the decedent onto our gurney and my assistant transported the body down the back hallway, I decided to approach this delicate topic," the director reported. "The nurse bemoaned the fact that they had tried everything, but nothing could head off the odor. That's when I offered to bring by a spray bottle of NeutrOlene from my own supply. The next day, I took the bottle to he, explained how it would neutralize, not just mask, any and all organic odors and showed her how to use it. By the end of the week, I received a call from the nurse, singing my praises and praises for NeutrOlene. She's now my new BFF!"