Happy Earth Day from NeutrOlene!

There's a television ad that reminds us, "Leave the Earth better than you found it." 

Going green is easier than ever with NeutrOlene and Odor Universe products. Along with recycling, limiting landfill waste and being a good steward of natural resources, homeowners, business owners and maintenance departments can find environmentally-friendly products to use exclusively on our website. 

To keep clothing, rags and other areas sparkling clean and odor-free, add NeutrOlene to every laundry load, pour a cupful into mop water or spray NeutrOlene Odor Neutralizer the desired area and odors will disappear with NeutrOlene, a brush and some elbow-grease. 

To leave a cleaner, safer environment for the next generation, consider water conservation using rain barrel collection, installing solar panels or buying Energy-Star approved appliances. But even if your efforts to leave a smaller carbon footprint consists of limiting use of automobiles -- like riding your bike to work -- or composting your garbage scraps, remember every little bit helps.

So take a few minutes and go through your cleaning supplies,  aerosol, and odor masking room sprays. Then, replace those cans and bottles containing harsh/dangerous chemicals with Odor Universe or NeutrOlene products -- they're environmentally friendly and won't harm pets or humans, either.