NeutrOlene is a game changer, and life saver.

The call from the Gulf Coast medical examiner wasn't unique.  "I'm tired of the decomposition stench we've been living with," she said, almost pleading for relief. "One of our assistants is pregnancy and who knows how she makes it through the day?"

She went on to say she had heard about NeutrOlene from a colleague at a conference. "Now that I know we have an option -- and because summer is just a month away -- I want to try NeutrOlene. How soon can you get an order to me. I'm willing to pay for overnight service."

She began using the NeutrOHang and spray that same week...and she called back twice...once to praise the effectiveness of NeutrOlene products and the second, to order additional cases. "I don't want to be without NeutrOlene now, not even for a few days," she said emphatically. "These products have changed our lives...and our attitudes."