Life-saving holiday cleaning tips

Did you know that NeutrOlene can be used outside of the funeral, medical and other professional industries? That's right! Let's face it. You'd rather spend little to no time cleaning and more time with your family, cooking a big meal, or visiting friends. You're in luck because with NeutrOlene, you can virtually cut your cleaning time in half with these life-saving tips! 

  1.  If you make a mistake while cooking that produces a strong negative odor, spray the Odor Neutralizer throughout your kitchen to cut through odors in a larger area.
  2. Trash bin starting to overflow from cooking prep? When replacing with a new bag, pour NeutrOGran Granules in the bottom of the bin to prevent any strong odors from permeating throughout your home. 
  3. Bringing a table cloth out of storage for the holidays? Spray with Odor Neutralizer to remove any musty or mothball odors before placing on the dinner table. 
  4. Do you have a designated smoking area in your home? Use our Odor Neutralizer to prevent any smoke odor build-up during your get togethers. 
  5. Set the Metered Spray to a timed release in your hallway or bathroom to prevent any unwanted odors from reaching common areas of your home. 
  6. After the cooking ends, pour the Drain Treatment down your sink to prevent any unwanted odors from throwing food through your garbage disposal. 
  7. Picking up family from the airport? Spray Odor Neutralizer on your floorboards and cloth seats to freshen up your vehicle. 
  8. After a long day of cooking, use NeutrOSoap to remove any grease, grime, dirt and more from your hands.