VIDEO: Co-Founder Chet Robbins Demonstrates New Products

Co-founder of NeutrOlene and licensed funeral director and embalmer Chet Robbins demonstrates and explains three new products to the NeutrOlene Family:

NeutrOGran Granules
Mini NeutrOHang

Neutrolene is a chemical neutralizer that permanently removes all organic odors on contact. Unlike our competitors who mask and deodorize odors, Neutrolene neutralizes and eliminates odors. 

Since 2012, Neutrolene has been in funeral homes in over 40 states, including Canada, Mexico, Australia and the United Kingdom. Neutrolene was nominated for the 2013 Innovative Award at the National Funeral Directors Association Convention, and continues to amaze funeral directors daily with the ability to neutralize -- not mask or deodorize -- the smell of decomposition.

Neutrolene can also be used in first call removal vehicles, commercial transport services, embalming preparation rooms, refrigeration units, locker rooms, laundry, and a variety of other uses.

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